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09 SSS resolved

Hi all!
Not sure how to delete original post other than editing my first post to delete and retype here!
Posted the other day about the 09 SSS I bought from a dealership - all resolved today, got all my paperwork, handbook, service history etc, door completely fixed, electrics weren't dodgy turns out it was me (keyless, didn't know you had to push the ignition right in and turn it a third time, so basically hadn't turned it off fully...had turned ignition then dash off, but not clock, this is only my second car after an 04 Pug 206!) Door definitely looked worse in the pics I took but it has been totally aligned today, all done within 2 hours and the guys were great so panic over!
I did get a good deal on the car, they also put some extra fuel in, extended warranty, so all happy. Adored the drive home. Now I get to really enjoy her, totally in love!


Its definitely draining your battery if they are staying on for hours and sounds like its been in an accident too not sure if your aware of that or not but if i was you i would try find out about it if it was

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Hi Laura, and a big welcome to the SSSOC.

That door is miles out of alignment, no-where near acceptable!

I would recommend you HPI it yourself and if you find anything negative it gives you grounds to reject the car because they lied to you when they said they had HPI checked it themselves.

When then car is turned off and the key outside of it the only electrical thing 'on' should be the red flashing led on the dash, (its a fake by the way, there is no alarm), the key logo on the dash only illuminates when you try to start the car and the stereo should be off. There is definately something wrong with the electrics, it sounds a bit like everything is permenantly live even after you have tried to turn it off.

I'm not being funny here, but I'd be asking for my money back and going elsewhere 😡

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Pete Alebon

As Moyz said, I'd also be looking at getting my money back 😡