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12 plate engine noise


Car has nearly 90,000 on the clock and has just had a major service with Suzuki.

Really hoping it's not the chain! Better would be that I'm just imagining things!

I've added 4 video's altogether.

Thanks in advance!

and what kind of work did they perform??.
Because in the start up video, i can hear a lot of tappet noise, at 90k i would assume the should have performed a valve clearance adjustment.
In any case, if i were you, i would take the car back and complain about the noise.
In my opinion, based on pure guess, it might be chain/tensioner related, but also water pump or oil pump going to fail.
It might also be a bad bearing in alternator.
Just to be sure, if you press the clutch, the noise still there, right?.

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Charlotte Beckett

Theres a fair bit of tappet noise which is normal. The underlying grumble sounds like it might be the alternator bearing or belt tensioner.

An 'old school' trick is to get a piece of rubber hose - a metre of garden hose will do - with one end at your ear move tbe other end from place to place around the engine,you can often narrow down the source of the noise quite accurately.

Be careful with the end of the hose,you don't want to rap garden pipe or your fingers into the alternator belt.

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Charlotte Beckett

Thank you both for responding!

The noise is still there when the clutch is pressed so I don't think that is the issue personally but I'm near clueless with cars to be fair!

She has always been a bit "tappety" but considering I had just spent nearly £1100 getting her sorted at my local dealership, I wasn't expecting to have deal with this new issue. I'm waiting for a response from them.

I might give the hose trick a try if I'm feeling brave but it may end up as a Fail Army clip on Youtube!

Do you think she is still drivable at the moment like this? I've only done 200 miles since I first heard the noise and I am barely using her but I've got to make a 100 mile journey that can't be avoided and I don't think she'll be fixed in time???

Thanks again for responding guys!

Crickey,£1100 is a big bill to pay!

Are you in a breakdown service?! I would set off on your trip,keep a close eye on the temperature gauge in case the noise is the water pump. Stop if you get any warning lights.

Take it back to the garage and complain as soon as you get a chance.

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Charlotte Beckett

I apologise, I should put the bill into context:

MOT/Service £300
Alloy wheel £440 (pothole cracked 3 alloy spokes right through)
Dent removal on tailgate £360

Mechanically she has always been sound but she was meant to have a complete health check (not sure about the valve clearance readjustment) so for it to come back worse than she went in is not great. They also recommended I replace the arms and bushes at a cost of £700(!) - I didn't.

We have AA lite (free with the service) so hopefully we'll be okay but if it is the issue you think it is, how much do you think would be a fair price to sort it please? I don't want to be ripped off but I have no idea what's involved in the replacement process?? I've sent them the same videos I uploaded so hopefully they'll agree that it isn't right.

Thanks again!

£1100 not so bad then!

Cost will inevitably depend on the source of the problem.

Changing the alternator - about an hours labour, a new alternator might be £200 (guessing really) but you can look around for a reconditioned one.

Just the belts and tensioner - an hour again - the belts are only about £10 each (2 of them), tensioner maybe £50?

Water pump - probably a good bit more labour - I suspect it would need to be genuine parts for a pump too but I wouldn't want to guess the price!

Fingers crossed for the cheap option of belts and tensioner!

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Charlotte Beckett

Thanks for that mate, I'm keeping my fingers crossed too!

Probably should have mentioned that the noise completely disappears when it's in neutral and coasting downhill for example if that means anything? No warning lights and the temp is bang on in the middle as usual so hopefully it's only something minor.

Still haven't heard back from Suzuki though! I'm going to chase it up further after the weekend.

Thanks again mate!

Just a quick update:

Suzuki have responded, looking at the same video's I uploaded, the technician thinks the tappets may be slightly out? They advised me to check the oil level which is above full. Hoping to get it booked in and fixed by next week.

An easy fix do you think or maybe still a tensioner/bearing problem?

It does sound a bit tappety but its the whine that is the problem not the tappet noise. See what they say once they listen to it for real.

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Charlotte Beckett