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2016 SSS, was the right decission

So I almost bought a Skoda vrs, 2014 with just 7,100 miles on clock from one elderly owner in mint showroom condition. Ever since I watched that crazy advert I've wanted one.

It sounded too good to be true. Unfortunately it was.

The car was on forecourt of a local garage, I called in to have a closer look and salesman was elusive when I asked to see service book which rang alarm bells. He was focusing on one owner, low mileage and handing me keys to go for a drive, I was focusing on too good to be true, potential of engine exploding and going fishing for bass before I missed the tide.

I arranged to come back few days later for a test drive and to see service book. Surprise, surprise on return visit salesman farted about in one filing cabinet, then another staging a hunt of Easter proportions. Where could the service book have gone, not in the boot, not in the glove box or door pockets?

I took it out for a blast and it was ridiculous and potential for losing licence was a real possibility! But service warning light was on and low oil warning, given history of these cars who wouldn't top up the oil ahead of a possible sale? Car salesman still hadn't found service book when I returned an hour and a half later but assured me it would be fully serviced and would come with a rock solid 12 month warranty that would cover everything.

Now it's not that I didn't trust him, but more that I don't trust anyone (except my wife).

I called into local Skoda dealer and gave them the reg and asked if they could advise me about the car. They were very helpful.

Turns out it had missed two services due to an elderly owner whom had passed away. Speaking to Skoda UK they made it clear that without all services they would not step in should the engine explode. With earlier model this was a gamble but revised engine (which this was) reduced likelihood. After some online forum searching I found out that several of the revised engine models had exploded. If I was in my twenties I would have taken a gamble and bought the car anyway, but approaching forty I couldn't take this risk even if very small.

Popped back to Skoda dealer to say thanks and see whether any other vrs were kicking about and then got chatting about SSS as they're also Suzuki dealer as well. Before I knew it I was behind wheel of latest model and enjoying turbo boosting around.

Unfortunately spending close to £19,000 wasn't an option, even negotiating to £16,500ish for demonstrator car with just 470 miles still didn't sit well.

That's when I remembered the predecessor. Unfortunately not many about but I got lucky. Perhaps karma from not buying the vrs lemon.

So I am now the proud owner of a 2016, 5 door, Nav in boost blue and I love it. It reminds me of my XR2 and later Ibiza GLXI but better. It's a true go-kart, sticks like sh1t to a blanket and so much fun to drive and I'm still to ring its neck.

My wife likes driving it, my son (5 next month) loves it and nearly lost his mind when I picked him up from school and he saw it for the first time.

I'm glad we went for the SSS and envisage many happy years until forced to go electric! Perhaps it will be worth more then than what I paid for it to a collector keen to own the last NA sport?

Awesome mate congratulations on your new car.

Its as close as you get these days to an old school hot hatch so im not surprised it reminds you of your xr2 days.

Look forward to seeing you around the forums 👍

Thanks for the welcome Jason.

Received vehicle registration document and I am shocked to read the weight recorded as 1,480 (no unit of measure given but must be kg's).

Before I contact them is there any way on earth a 2016 SSS 5 door Nav could weigh this much without five passengers?

Don't worry about that its the maximum gross vehicle weight , meaning its the legal maximum the vehicle is allowed to be.

I found an article a while back showing that with a near empty fuel tank the ZC32S weighs in at 1005kg despite the official 1045kg stated weight.

Its probably the lightest modern hatchback on the market just behind the ZC33s at 975kg.... even the fiesta comes in at a porky 1250kg.

To give you an idea of just how light it is , a VW UP! City car is 1075kg....

Yeah I thought the 32 was 1050 and the 33 was 960...

Thank you for clarification Jason.

Congrats and good luck with the new Swift Mark. Although I'm away from home for a while, I've seen a really decent 65 plate 5 door Swift Sport also In blue. I've already had a test drive at the dealership and I think this could be the car for me.



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Looks good Marc, congratulations on the purchase.

I have a few questions on mine which I will post up.

I think the exhaust tips have been changed to larger diameter, not sure what exactly will need to crawl underneath for an inspection (no obvious marks/logo) or post a photo for comments. They make a pleasing sound >5k rpm

The tyres are different, front and back are different makes. I can understand larger width on the back but seems odd to not go the same all round or at least use the same manufacturer. Lots of tread remaining, but will google makes and models as may be pricey to replace.

Front - continental contisportcontact 195/45 R17

Rear - boto vantage 205/40 ZR17

That is a bit odd Mark , Going 205/40/17 is not bad but only having them fitted to the back of the car and not all around is quite strange indeed.

Looks like previous owner wanted the cheapest of the cheap because Boto Vantage appear to be cheopo tyres , Least he could have done is got the same size to match the fronts....

Thanks Mark.

I should be picking up my new car next week sometime when the garage has finished It's preperation, service and MOT etc. I'll post some decent photos once the car Is home,

Marc 🙂