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2016 SSS, was the right decission

Suzuki quote kerb weight 90% fuelled which on the 32S is worth 28kg.

I would expect to see 1017kg max on a dry 32S 3-door and +15kg for the 5-door with both in standard trim.

Marc, fine choice of car!

Just reaquainting myself with mine after almost a year out due to home 'improvements'. The handling poise still astonishes and still love N/A. The M16A is a jem of a motor.

Yep. Did some research into this a while ago...

The 3-door 32S - completely and utterly dry is a nats tadger under a tonne. 999.89 kg to be exact.

The 5-door then - 1014.89 kg.

This was deduced from the following. The kerb weight of the 3-door is 1045 kg (with full options). It was 1040 kg without options. What the 'options' consist of is unknown. I guess this isn't an exact science! But if the car is 1040 kg, with all fluids and 90% fuelled. Then this should be fairly accurate.

The exact fluid weights were as follows...

Fuel Tank: 42 litres - 28.28 kg (90% fuelled)
Coolant: 6.4 litres - 6.40 kg
Engine Oil: 3.9 litres - 3.43 kg
Gearbox: 1.8 litres - 1.58 kg
Brake Fluid: 250ml - 0.21 kg
Clutch Fluid: 250ml - 0.21 kg

As mentioned - this is not an exact science. But I think this could be in the right ball-park. Either way, the 3-door and 5-door models are pretty much a tonne in weight when dry. It's as near as dammit.

I can save you some weight as the clutch uses the brake fluid reservoir. There is some additional plumbing but nowhere near 200g of fluid.