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4.769 final drive

Trying to find some one that has a 4.769 final drive in there zc31s. That can tell me if it is worth the investment.

From the beginning i was thinking about a lsd all though the car those not really need one after all of the suspensions mods.

And i thought if i change that why not change the final drive.

The car is just for track and some street play so a bit more rpms aren't a problem. And as i don't need more than 180kmh top speed on the track. Might ass well change the final drive if it's worth the investment.

Hi Andy, I'm probably the only person in the UK with this... It will help with acceleration for sure and to be fair on most UK tracks your not going to lose out by loss of top speed.Not a cheap Mod having said that as you would need a specialist to install as you have to remove all the gears from the shaft to replace with the new shaft. I'm also not concerned about loss of top speed as I have 2,000rpm more to go than a stock sport.