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Adding LED DRL's?

Anybody done this? I have a 12 plate Sport and I've always felt this was missing!

There are options to replace the standard foglights with a DRL and Fog unit. Google OSRAM LEDriving and you will find just such a thing!

If you are able/willing to spend the cash then the OSRAM ones are excellent. Very bright DRLs, the LED fog is much better than standard and there is the option of cornering function. There is also the added benefit of them having just about unbreakable plastic lenses.

There is a picture of mine in the 'favourite mods' thread from a few months back.

Just had a look at yours and they look great! I've found them on Amazon, does the osram bulb fit already without adjusting. It's says 90mm on the website but I don't the width of the standard factory ones??

Thanks mate! 👍

I also thought about just using the sidelights as drl however I can't seem to use those without the main HID headlights??? Is that the case with yours as well?


The OSRAM lamps are a straight swop for the OEM units, the bumper needs to come off to get in there but you'll need to do that anyway to get to the wiring.

In the UK the sidelights are selectable on their own without the headlights (the rear lights come on as well) but that may not be the case if you are not in the UK.

The sidelight bulbs are quite small though and even with LED bulbs they are not really bright enough to be effective as DRL's.

There are some cheaper versions around, try putting 'DRL foglight kit' into an Ebay search. I can only vouch for the OSRAM kit because that is what I bought!

Found the toggle for the sidelights!

Thanks for your info regarding the Osrams as well, I'll definitely look into them!

I fitted mine with drls ages ago, because I too thought they should be fitted as standard..🤔 I used "Osram LEDriving fog pl" there is a choice of colours for the fog lights & the blue matches my car 😂 but the fog light is a crisp white.👍

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