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airbag indicator under hazzard switch 2016 swift sport

hi, new to forum and just got hold of my first 2016 swift sport 1.6 can anyone tell me what is the orange indicator is under the hazzard switch its on all the time thnks in advance steve

Hi Steve, I'm not 100% sure as I own a different model.
having said that, if it was my car I would pull out owners hand book and do a search, find out what that orange light stays on to warn you about. as they normally indicate something has failed.
best of luck!

it usually means the front passenger airbag has been disabled using the key switch on the end of the dashboard or in the glovebox...

I thought it was a orange warning light to say that the passenger airbag is turned off and when you sit on the pressure mat in the seat it goes off.. mite be wrong try sitting in the seat an see if it goes out...

thanks everyone it is the passenger airbag warning switched off now