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Alloy fitment

So I'm planning on buying some alloys (actually bought fifteen52 tarmacs 17" 5*114.3 8.0J ET45) but they told me they out of stock and not sold anymore. So I can go to 18" 8.5J ET45 but I'm not sure if they would fit. Anyone have experience fitting 18" or reckon the wider 18" would fit on my swift? Got the zc32s 🤙

First post so sorry if I've messed up somewhere 😅

At that width and offset your wheels will likely hit the springs/struts on the inside. At lower offsets the wheel will stick out from the bodywork giving you a whole host of other issues. Rmember, its a Swift, not a Skyline 😁

I think the limit for safety would be a width of 7.5 with an offset of 42/45 👍

Yeah I was thinking that and would assume they wouldn't fit. I know someone that had 8.0 and et45 so an extra 6mm on each side surely wouldn't be disastrous...right? 😅 I'm probably just being hasty coz I get tunnel vision once I see something I want but yano 😂