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Annoying Creak...

Righto chaps, wondering if anyone can help me here or if anyone else is having the same issue as me...

When I go over a speed bump or hit a rough bit in the road I have this rubbery sounding creak from my rear suspension somewhere. I thought it was maybe the lower cup that the springs sit in so I blasted them with silicone grease to no avail...😫

I'll get the car jacked up at the back and go nuts with the spray grease on all the rubber bushings I can see. Suspect it could be where the rear subframe/crossmember is bolted on to the chassis as there is a big 'hinge' at either side...or maybe where the strut top mounts pass through the rear inner arches??...bugger knows. Its definitely not some rough mechanical sound so I dont think its causing any bother, its just that its a bit annoying 😑

I'll report back tomorrow, hopefully with good the meantime if anyone has any ideas please share πŸ‘

Well, I jacked up the car and blasted all the rear bushes with silicone grease spray but no joy. I may have narrowed it down to the strut top mounts or where the strut spindle passes through the top mount...but getting into there will need some spannering I'm just not bothered enough to 🀣

Its weird, it never made this sound from new, just when the weather up here started getting really cold πŸ€”

Hopefully when the weather starts to get a bit better the dreaded squeak buggers off...☺

I have the exact same! Creaking sound from the back with speed bumps and it’s since the cold weather. White grease solved the problem lightly, for one day...
I will just tell the dealer when the car needs it’s service.

I'm going to do a bit more investigation at work on tuesday night so if I find the cause I'll be sure to post a solution πŸ‘

Success!! 🀩

The creak was indeed coming from the rubber bushes where the rear crossmember attatches to the chassis πŸ‘

I fired the back end up on axle stands, crawled right under the car and gave the bushes a good blast with silicone grease spray.

Sorted!! πŸ€˜πŸ˜†πŸ€˜

Nice find!
Do you mean these ones? (See attached)
For some reason, mine stopped squeaking out of nowhere... (for now)

Uploaded files:
  • A29D7DEB-6093-41BF-AAB3-2F774CB13832.jpeg

Yep, thats the ones πŸ‘

...I'm actually going to get back under the car and use a silicone grease tube and gun on the bushes as the spray stuff probably wont last long πŸ‘

I've not experienced this yet on my car. 5,700 miles on the clock.

How many miles on yours?

The noise may disappear with age/miles as the suspension settles in.

It only occurred on speed humps, but my Celerio had front suspension creak from bushes for a good 6 months from new.