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Annoying Glove box Rattle


Well over last few weeks I have been listening to the sounds of my items rattling around in the glove box and I've finally done something about it, by lining the glove box with Self adhesive felt gone have the rattles!

I would have thought in this day and age all manufacturers would be lining glove boxes!

Not a neat job by any means as i used Scissors and really i should have used a craft knife but hey ho its not on show!

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Interesting. I too have rattles around the glove box area. I have put a small strip of self adhesive foam along the top of the glove box where the door shuts. But I'm still getting noises from somwhere. Maybe I should also try lining the whole compartment.

And can I ask what felt did you use for the job?

Hi Marc

Of course, I bought a 1M 100cm x 45cm length of self adhesive craft felt for £8.99 off Ebay.

Its certainly helped no more rattles from inside!

Thanks for the Info bud 👍

I imagine that Suzuki's response to a complaint would be that gloves don't rattle. Glovebox is a quite antiquated nams in 2020.

Its nothing to complain about! Its an easy fix.

I was mearly finding a solution

That's adding unnecessary weight to the car. Every gram counts! 😆

Quote from DazzaSport on February 19, 2020, 2:07 pm

That's adding unnecessary weight to the car. Every gram counts! 😆

Absolutely. Power to weight ratio for one 😉

Then there is the reduction in the capacity of the glove box. It is small enough as it is.

Quote from Benno on February 19, 2020, 11:21 am

I was mearly finding a solution

Glad you got It sorted Benno 👍