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Anyone know what this is?

Near the rear right quarter, just above the axle. Seems to have been cut off to accompany the lowered ride height. I assume its some sort of sensor but I have no idea what it could be, possibly something to do with suspension travel. Thanks in advance!

2012 Sport.

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It looks like a drop link but to be honest I'm not sure, if you know a good mechanic I'd take it to them as soon as you can. 👍

Thanks for the reply, I've already asked my mechanic (got this picture when it was on a hoist) and he did not know. It's definitely something electronic. The thin bar connects to that black module which has a cable out the end that goes somewhere. It's only on one side of the car and drives fine so I'm doubtful of it being a drop link. I'll be double checking again at a specialist soon-ish.

Its for the automatic headlight levelling system 👍

Thanks for the answer!

Ditto,its a requirement with hids/xenons that there is a washer system and also automatic levelling. Its possibly an mot fail that your levelling system has been disabled in this way, its certainly a nasty bodge by who ever lowered the car.

You can get adjustable brackets to maintain the auto levelling for when you lower your car, sure Cusco and Hardrace make them 👍

Quote from Moyz on January 5, 2020, 10:17 am

Its for the automatic headlight levelling system 👍

Spot on!

I've lowered my car but I had no issues with the auto levelling headlights. How far has your car been lowered?

I have the lever on my SS too, 2012 model, but yet to see my head lights ever auto adjust.