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Aussie Zc33s

Hi all,
I thought I'd actually introduced myself but it seems not.

I have a white 2019 Zc33s Swift Sport. I have just passed 8000kms (5000miles) today.

I went for a 500km spirited drive out through some mountain ranges up to one of Victoria's Alpine Resorts. The car genuinely surprises me with it's tenacious grip and good fun. The torquey engine, light weight and short gearing mean it doesn't feel anaemic in a hill climb type setting where my vtec ef8 crx likely would.

I took a couple of pictures today I thought I'd share.

I have ordered some h&r springs from Chris at CTC for cheaper (shipped) than I could get them in Australia.

Will fit them in the next couple of weeks when I receive. Then will get a few other small mods on the way.

Welcome to the club mate 👍

Here are the pictures.. I will add more once the small mods start.

Uploaded files:
  • 20201108_145435.jpg
  • 20201108_145459.jpg
  • 20201108_145519.jpg

Good choice on the colour...😁

Hi Scott, and a big welcome to the SSSOC. That's a nice looking car you've got there. It certainly looks great In white 👍

Yeah it's hard to go wrong with any of the colours on these. I've always liked white though and it does look nice when clean. About to tint the windows and lower. Then possibly some wheels..
Thanks for the comments guys.

Welcome - I'm in NZ, so just across the ditch from you.
My first mods started after the car turned 1 (2018 ZC33s) at around 10,000km.
First was H&R springs and an HKS Spec-L exhaust. Both great mods.
Recently I have added a CTC intake - awesome mod - yes I know its an open filter but I am waiting for the CTC airbox to be released to get that healthy dose of cold air.
The CTC intake sounds awesome - loads of sucky turbo noises and you can also hear the blow off valve when shifting.