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Axel tramp

Hi everyone. I am the owner of a 69 plate Yellow ZC33S. Registered in December 2019. My question is... Does anyone else have bad axle tramp? Also sometimes if I am accelerating and go over an imperfection in the road (Small pothole or something) There is a terrible banging sound as the wheels tramp. Almost as loud as a back-firing exhaust. Anyone else?

Never heard of this, and I drive over some terrible roads! Get it into the dealers to check, it sounds like a bush has split somewhere.

Personally speaking I've never heard of that problem either. But hopefully somebody will be along soon that has 🤞

A French guy had a broken engine mount, left side if I remember well..
A broken screw, maybe check this..

Cheers, thanks guys. When I take her in for the 2000 mile service/fluid check I will get them to look at it.

What you're describing is wheel hop. Most likely an engine mount has failed as Phil says...I was under the impression this was coming from the rear of the car at first 😁

No defo from the front. Just sounds like an exhaust backfiring. Not sure what it sounds like outside the car only from the inside.