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BBK Brake Kit Front and Rear

TLDR: I'm looking for suggestions on a front and rear BBK kit.

I'm getting my zc33 in about a week and I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for front and rear brake kits for it. Partly for performance and partly for aesthetic reasons I'd like to have matching calipers on the front and back. I have seen some from a few companies like Forge, Blitz, Project Mu, CEIKA, AP RACING, and a few others that offer front kits and even more that fit the ZC31 and 32 but I haven't been able to find ones that include rear replacements.

I'll be using the car for daily driving, including some pretty winding and tight mountain roads, as well as for going to the track (The Tskuba Circuit is only a couple of hours north of me for example) . I also plan to upgrade my wheels to 18" eventually although I'm still deciding on what to get but Volk and Enkei are at the top of my list at the moment.

As far as brand and budget go I live in Japan so Japanese companies or ones easily available here would be preferable and I'd LIKE to stay under $3,000USD for the entire setup but I could stretch a bit more if need be. I'd also, for strictly aesthetic reasons, like to find a kit in red, black, grey or some combination thereof but I can always get them painted.

To be honest, I'm still learning and I'm pretty new to modding cars in general so if I can just look for certain sizing parameters for the rotor and caliper, that would be great but something tells me that I'll need at least a mounting bracket and possibly other hardware that is specific to the car.

Any suggestions would be great and again I'm sorry if this is kind of a beginner question but I'm trying to learn as much as I can before I start ordering parts.

Hi Evan,

I am not that clued up on brake kits for the ZC33S but it sounds like you might be close to a Monster Sport garage in Hamamatsu? Monster are a renowned tuner in Japan and specialise in Suzuki's, they might be able to sort you out or offer advice.

Here is a nice video of some ZC33S on Tskuba to wet your appetite!

Monster has some good stuff and I've been looking at them for a few parts. I live in between their Hiroshima and Fukuoka locations (SWK also has their HQ in Fukuoka) so I definitely plan to pay them a visit. My Japanese is so-so at best but Google translate usually can fill in the gaps.

I've actually taken a lot of notes from this video and quite a few parts on my mod list came from these 3 cars. It was the first time I'd heard of Monster Sports and I had heard of Blitz but this video made me look into them a bit more. Out of the 3 companies in the video, Blitz makes a complete front kit but no rear, Monster makes front and rear rotors and pads but no calipers and for some reason Greddy/Trust only makes brake lines.

IMO swift sport is one of those car that really shine when it comes to braking due to its lightness. I would think that reducing unsprung mass would be a better investment for this kind of car.

Perhaps some of the forum members that frequently track their Swift can provide a feedback on how the brake is holding up.

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John Kinkade

I’m running stock discs with DS2500 pads and Hel lines and no problem getting the speed scrubbed off so I’m not personally going to add more weight when it’s not needed.