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Best Tires For Standard Alloys?

Hi guys, deciding to use the forum as I know this is a question that comes up a lot anyway. What's the best tires people are using on their swift? Aware a lot of people go for different sizes also and it's something I'd be willing to do after just spending a ridiculous amount of money on brakes I want tires to match (£80 for a litre of fluid and that's as far as we'll go...)

Lewis Charlton has reacted to this post.
Lewis Charlton

So for tyre size majority go with 205/40 as there is little drop on speedo but get tyres for a bit cheaper, not to mention but extra grip being 10mm wider 🙂

So recomendations from alot of owners for tyre are:

Michelen pilot sport 4
Goodyear eagle f1
Uniroyal rainsport
Falken (not sure model)
Hanook (not sure model)

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I loved Bridgestone Potenza RE002's but they dont last long...

Eagle F1's are a great all round tyre and are surprisingly good in the wet.

Conti Sport Contact 3's were good too, good grip and last twice the Potenza's life time.

Tyres are a bit subjective, what one man loves another may hate 😁

But stay away from Toyo's unless you like ditches 🤣

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Liam Gray

Can vouch that Eagle F1's are good tires actually as I have them on the car currently and as Liam said they're pretty damn good in the wet. May however look at getting the 205/40 as it'll be a bit cheaper.

205/45R17 is a closer match to the rolling circumference of the original size than 205/40R17 and give the benefit of a less harsh ride. The standard wheels and tyres look a bit lost in the huge arches anyway, making the profile even smaller doesn't help.

I have Eagle F1s on mine and they are excellent tyres, wet or dry. I really wanted to get the Michelin PS4s but couldn't justify the hefty chunk of money on top of the Goodyears.

205/45R17 Uniroyal rainsports on mine. The speedo is as near makes no difference to the gps on the garmin. They are a bit soft but quite grippy. I agree with the comment, don’t use Toyo tyres. They are crap.

r u guys using the stock alloys? do they just fit the 205/45 tyres? and do you have to declare it on insurance as a mod?

205's do fit on the standard alloys and yes - to be strictly legal should be declared as a mod to your insurance.

I'm currently on Hankook Ventus Evo in the standard size. I'm impressed with them. I noticed a little less feedback on warm good condition days but through the winter on cold slimy days the grip is better than the standard Conti's.