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Black leather Red gear knob Suzuki accessory

Was just wondering, is anyone considering selling, or is selling the Suzuki Black leather, red gear knob,6 speed version? I have uploaded the image of the one i am looking for below. Thanks

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  • Screenshot_20210124-200409_Word.jpg

That item was discontinued long time ago. It took me months to find a used one on ebay, which i bought for 40 quid 🙂
well worth the wait

my advice, set up an alert on ebay and wait.

Cheers, will do 🙂

You could always get a nice one from Japan? Like a Cusco, Beatrush or Monster Sport one?...

Could do good idea, thanks But i really would like the Suzuki one!


Still had the alert set up and just popped up.

Hi Josh are you on the facebook SSOC it's not often I look on this one

Hiya June unfortunately not ): would you like my email or instagram name?

email will do nicely TA

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