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Buying used ZC32S

Hi guys. I'm thinking of getting myself a used ZC32S, but where I live the choice is extremely limited.
Currently there is only one potential car, which has 125000km on the clock. And you never know, when there will be another one in the market.

I was wondering, is it safe to buy SSS with so much mileage, considering service history is ok?

Are there any typical issues with so much driven Swift Sports? What should I check in detail? Thanks in advance!

I would think you would be ok, there is a member on here who's car has 145'000 miles on it, which is 232'000 km. The most important thing is that it has been serviced regularly and properly maintained. If Swift's are looked after they will last and can cover a huge amount of miles through their life.

Thank you for the comment. After all I decided to buy it!
Service history looked very good and all the services were done at official Suzuki stations.
The car drives well and technically seems to be completely OK. There are few cosmetic issues, but I am sure I will be able to fix them soon.

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James Devon

Congratulation, looks like a cracking car. 👍

Very nice same colour as mine , i wanted a 2 door but couldnt manage with 4 seats.

I wouldnt worry about the mileage these engines have a reputation for being well built and reliable.

Lovely looking car you've got there Valo. Looking forward to some more In depth photo's sometime In the near future 🙂