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Car feels sluggish - Restoring Power: Clutch repair cost

I purchased a high mileage 2012 Sport (now on 103k miles) back in Jul last year, but have recently noticed the power lacking (my friend owns a 98hp SRI corsa that feels quicker)

When I bought the car I gave it a good service (air filter, oil change, new spark plugs). However, recently I have noticed that it feels slow - I can't get up to the speeds I used to.

I'm wondering if, given the mileage, the clutch needs replacement? and if so what's the average cost for this car?

Is there anyway to restore power without going down the CTC intake / Remap / Catback route?

Is the clutch slipping if you try to accelerate or when changing up through the gears ? If not I would suggest getting it read for any codes, d'you have a Suzuki dealer near you, if so perhaps you could take it to them for a check over ?

Hi Ollie. If I was you I would do as Uruk Hai suggested and take the car to a Suzuki dealer. They have all the up to date equipment and will be able to diagnose the problem without Issue 🤔

Thanks for your help guys - I used my OBDII scanner but couldn't pick up any codes. I would love to take it to a dealer, except there's not really any near me - would they not charge horrendous amounts for such a thing as dealer's do?

I'm just wondering if your cars feel slow? It feels like it's had a restrictor added - I do think it could be the clutch, but just unsure if it's gonna be a punch in the face cost-wise?

For example.. nearly cost me £500 for a front driveshaft from Suzuki as parts are sparse - luckily got the old part restored instead for a fraction...

Doesnt sound like the'd see it slip in 3rd at full throttle from about 3k revs, thats where the highest (noticeable) differential in engine/gearbox speeds you'd smell it ☺

When was the fuel filter changed?...

Might be worth checking the air filter just as a precaution.

Does the car idle smoothly? Any sign of a misfire?...

I've heard of a knackered cat causing symptoms like this but usually it would throw a secondary o2 fault code.

Also, might be worth disconnecting the battery for 10 minutes (or pulling the ecu fuse) then going for a thrash, this should reset the timing data.

Oh, and I hope you've been using good fuel 😁

I'm not sure if the clutch may be related to the lack of performance unless it's slipping but what I would recommend is if you're unable to get to a dealer is if you know one go to a good independent and ask them to check the car over. What area of the country do you live in ?

Moyz, I could be wrong but I think the fuel filter is a "in tank" job that isn't considered a serviceable item ?

Yeah it is an in tank job but it can be replaced...

Not sure how big of a task it would be 🤔

Just gotta try eliminate all the obvious culprits first I suppose...and the easiest fixed ones ☺

That's a good point mate.

i would add a good injector cleaner (for example the stp high mileage) to a full tank of gas, and then go to the highway and push the car hard in 4th and 5th gear for a nice amount of miles.
that will help clean the injectors, fuel lines, and catalitic converter.
another source of problem might be:
1- out of spec valve clearances.
2- vvt solenoid of gear not working ok.
3- variable intake manifold actuator not working ok.