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Car Parts


Hi Guys,

For people who service their own cars, where do you buy your parts from?

I’m just curious to see if there is a general consensus on where people buy their parts from.

Do you buy from your nearest Suzuki garage, a local motor factor, Halfords, online (from somewhere like Euro Car Parts, Ebay or Amazon)?

It’d be interesting to see people’s responses.

I usually get mine from Opie Oils 👍

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Thanks Moyz, that’s a good shout.

Yeah I’ve read good things about Opie Oils. They seem to get a lot of positive reviews on Google and Trustpilot.

I remember from before you’re a keen advocate for Motul oils. I take it you use Motul 8100 ECO-nergy 5W-30?

Local main agent for me. The parts department are friendly and helpful and I don't mind paying a few quid extra for genuine filters and spark plugs etc

Brake discs and pads - EBC direct for decent quality stuff at sensible prices.

Haven't had to replace anything else!

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Thanks Bill, another good suggestion.

Yeah, sometimes it is better to buy genuine parts, especially if they’re around the same price or not that much more.

But equally, like you said, going to other suppliers for certain parts can be just as good (if not better sometimes).

Another vote here for a main Suzuki dealer and genuine parts 👍

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Thank you Marc 🙂

Encouraging to see Suzuki main dealers and genuine parts are highly thought of 👍

We use as they do the service kits as well as the aesthetic things too, also use parts_sims_suzuki on ebay as they are a main dealer too they just sell new Suzuki parts on ebay as well.

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Thanks Charlotte 🙂

Yeah, I’ve looked at before and some of their prices are cheaper (considering they are an official dealer selling genuine parts) parts_sims_suzuki seems a good shout too.

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Charlotte Beckett

No problem, the prices have always been pretty fair and the parts tend to last so we always go for original. We're still on our original clutch after 90000 miles, with our previous Ford we had went through 2 and that was before 60000 miles.

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