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Does anyone knows if I can change the ET on my wheels?
I mean, I got a zc33s .
My wheels are 17inch ,6j ,5x114.3 etc.
I found some wheels with 17inch , 8.25j 5x114.3 et35 ...
do they fit perfectly on me ? I would have a problem ? If yes ,is there a solution?
If they fit , which will be the difference between ET45 - ET35 ?
Please if anyone has a experience or knowledge on this thing ,comment below 😁

7.5J ET42 on a 17 inch wheel is about as wide and as low an offset you can go.

You can run wider wheels with a lower offset in 16 inch diameter...sure the Swiftwars guys on Instagram have 8J ET38 wheels on their Swift.

A smaller ET number means the wheel will stick out more from the hub.

In this case by 10mm. I dont know specifically to the zc33 if this would make the tyre catch the arches.

In general terms it makes it more likely that the car will 'tramline' - tugging at the steering when the tyre runs on irregular road surfaces.

Years ago i had an mx5 and put some standard size but reduced ET wheels on it and it was horrible! It looked great with the wheels filling the arches more but every bump in the road caused the car to dart around a bit. I quite quickly put it back to standard!