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Clunking when turning left at speed


Anyone had this issue when turning left at speed I get a continuous clunking, its not suspension related, I've replace passenger drive shaft and rear engine mount but still nothing?

Does it vary in speed with speed of the car?

If a CV joint is worn it will produce more of a clicking noise and generally on full lock.

Have you covered the basics and checked your wheelnuts - all around the car.

If it is not speed related it could maybe be the anti roll bar drop links. One side will be under compression and the other side under tension while cornering which could possibly have something to do with it. Though generally they knock all the time over bumps.

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Around 40mph+ on a continuous sweeping left bend, drop link top mount and lower arm all brand new, drive shaft replaced and lower engine mount and still no luck


Is your car a ZC31 or a ZC32? Looking at your user name I'm guessing that It's a ZC32, but you've posted the same question In both forums?

Zc32s bud I realised after posting in zc31s that I was in the wrong thread lol

Your top engine mounts alright? Try rocking the engine about (with it off 😅)

Quote from Barnardzc32s on September 4, 2020, 11:09 am

Zc32s bud I realised after posting in zc31s that I was in the wrong thread lol

No worries 👍

I would try and establish whether it is speed related or not and therefore whether it is something that is rotating or bolted to the car.

So on your 40mph bend if you drive at 50mph instead does the clunk get faster? If so then it must be something rotating.

If you stick at 40mph but drive in a different gear does the clunk change speed - that would point towards a gearbox issue.

Mates that's very helpful thank you I will do some investigation

No worries, come back to us if you can work out if it is a rotating part or not and we'll take from there!