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Clunking when turning left at speed


So it only happens when in gear, under acceleration and under no acceleration mate so seems like gearbox / diff issues

It sounds like you have narrowed it down to gearbox or diff as you say. I think you have reached the point of having to take it to a mechanic and give them a ride to demonstrate the noise. You might as well ask for professional help now rather than replace parts and hope!

Update it does still do it when not in gear 🙄 I've already shown 3 mechanics and they aren't sure, they said either gearbox / diff or drivers drive shaft so I'm getting to the point of ending the car lol, I've ordered a new box already now so I'll try it and see I guess

Have all the engine mounts been checked? All the lower bushings? Honestly sounds like a bush has gone on an engine mount or droplink/balljoint. I'd hate for you to spend tons of cash on a gearbox or something and it turns out to be a 30 quid balljoint or something...

Holy moly,thats a big commitment! Unless my car was undrivable I would be trading it in for something else rather than changing the gearbox!

ordering a new gearbox damn!!!!
Barnardzc32s can you post a video of the noise?? i am curious.
thank you

I've changed lower arm, top mounts, tie rods the lot, even changed lower engine mount, I've got ahold of a 28k mileage gearbox and centre drive shaft for 230 so I'll fit that myself next weekend and go from there, I won't give up on it lol I would never sell a dodgy car, plus I love the car 😂

Well, good luck to you sir 👍

Fingers crossed Barnard that everything will be ok 🤞