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Cluster LED’s


I’ve heard that it’s a common fault for the LED’s in the cluster to go, my speed and revs finger have both gone. Any solutions for this problem?

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You could speak to this company.

Hi Lauren, and a big welcome to the SSSOC. And regarding your speedo and rev problem, you could also give these people a ring for some advise.
And please let us know how you get on with this problem for future reference 🤔


Thanks for posting the link Marc, it's always good to be aware of these companies and the more the better in my opinion.

Welcome along Lauren and please let us know how you get on, always interested to hear of people's experience when using the services provided by these companies. My father used ECU testing for his Honda ABS module and they couldn't have been more helpful when he spoke to them and provided a excellent service when he used them.

Good luck and I hope you get it fixed without too much bother. 👍

Absolutely Uruk Hai I totally agree mate. The more companies that we can find to sort issues like this the better. Because who knows, It could be any one of us In the near future that needs advice 🤔

Good evening, my daughter has just purchased a 2012 Swift Sport on my recommendation as I have been running a 2006 1.5 GLX FOR 5 years as a second car with no issues whatsoever and a brilliant drive.

However, her car also had the same issue, the cluster lights up ok but the speedo and rpm needles don’t, making it difficult to read speed at night.

Is this a common issue and did the original poster manage to sort their car? Any help or advice would be welcome. Incidentally my daughters car does have a swift owners club sticker in both rear windows, it’s a 62 plate car in red.

Many thanks, Sean

Hiya, I am still making enquiries about my problem, most garages are saying that it is quite an awkward job which could become pretty pricy for what it is, I am just going to leave it till after Christmas when I have more money. If you want to get it done, get in touch with an auto Electrician who can repair it 🙂

Thanks Lauren, this must be a common issue, I’ll make some calls today. Thanks

Would anyone know the part number for the instrument cluster, I have called my local dealer but they will not help with the number. A local cluster repair company has asked for the part number before they will quote. Thanks

Why wont they give you the number?