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Cluster LED’s


They said it’s not their policy to give out part numbers and the guy in the parts team was generally unhelpful, I spoke with Auotsales Suzuki in Bilston, West mids. Will try another dealer tomorrow

Err... sounds like they're just being assholes. I'd have a word with Suzuki UK about this 😡

Someone has had their cluster fixed by ECU testing, it was £175 including being posted back with a lifetime warranty and you keep the original mileage which I know is important for some (certainly would be for me !), I would highly recommend speaking to them !

I don't know how much a new a new cluster would cost, I'd like to know but I'd be amazed if it wasn't at least double the cost of the repair !

Thanks for the information I will get in touch and keep you posted. Has anyone removed a cluster, is it a straightforward diy job.

Hello there,

I am experiencing similar issues with my cluster dials however it's more the rev dial will completely go off or flicker badly along with slight Speedo flickering.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.



There is a one for sale on ebay showing the part numbers etc, might be of use or helpful.

Kind Regards


Just wondering if anyone with the problem has removed the cluster and had it repaired, and if so was it difficult to remove, and how expensive was the repair?

To remove cluster looks fairly easy if you have some practical skills and screwdriver.Look on youtube .