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Cons of a new exhaust?

As title suggests, I'm considering a new cat back exhaust for my car.

The only concern is that this may void the warranty in some respects.

Are there any significant concerns or downsides to a new exhaust? Any notable damage it could cause or something I should take into consideration before going ahead?


It will only void your exhaust warranty and as you have changed it then it’s not really an issue.

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Pro's: sound, better throttle response and a ballhair more power

Cons: none 🤣

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Info as above 🙂

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Thanks for the responses guys.

My last concern - have any of you had custom exhausts fitted?

I'm no car expert, but I was told that it was unlikely they would find a flange for the swift sport which meant they would have to cut it at that point to weld the next exhaust system on (cat back).

Anyone else have something similar installed?

Why not just buy a pre made system made from 304 stainless not lower grades and made from mandrel bends not crushed tube?

The car is not very common in South Africa. There's no pre-built. I'd have to import which would be 4 times as much.

Unless it's possible to get the flange somewhere

Is it possible to have an exhaust flange custom made? So as to essentially build a new exhaust which can be bolted on without any cutting?

You would have to get a 'flexi' section welded in too because the OEM style flanges at the link pipe are on donut gaskets and spring loaded bolts which take up the movement of the engine under load.

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My knowledge on exhausts is severely limited, so excuse my ignorance, but could you make use of v-bands?

Read up a bit on them and they appear to be used on occasion as opposed to flanges?

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