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Cons of a new exhaust?

You could use them, but you'd still need a flexi in there between the link pipe and the new centre pipe.

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aaah okay, awesome, I'll have a look into it.

Also if you don't mind me asking, since you seem quite familiar with exhausts, how much importance would you place on the likes of tig over mig welding and mandrel vs crush bends?

There is a very popular and well reviewed custom exhaust shop by me which quoted me R4500 ($270) for the full cat-back, tips and installation and comes with a 5 year warranty on their exhausts. They do however make use of mig welding and crush bends.

A family member on the other hand is a mechanic at Mercedes and has experience building exhausts. He said he could do it with tig welding and he won't charge me for labour, only the parts itself.

Still unsure at this point though which route to take.

I would only ever fit a mandrel bent, good quality stainless system.

TIG vs MIG welding on the system doesnt really matter, its just TIG is used for thinner, more delicate materials normally (and looks better)

Since a couple of weeks I have the HKS Hi-Power Spec L exhaust. Really happy with it. It’s very light weight, great quality and no drone at all. No downsides for me.

I have owned the CTC silenced exhaust before but I hated the drone.

Today smth has arrived... πŸ˜‹

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Nice! I finally got the exhaust gasket so I can do a full bolt on system but car must first go into panel beaters this week since some idiot reversed into me and drove away πŸ™ whole new door and fender needed.

BTW post maybe some pics and/or vids once exhaust is installed please

Quote from Flex on September 7, 2020, 5:55 pm

I have owned the CTC silenced exhaust before but I hated the drone.

To be clear we have a new system without any drone what so ever. The first system we were over 18 months behind the JDM brands and needed to get parts out there. We are taking time to improve everything and this is one of those improvements. You will note the single rear silencer rather than the two cans which were the main cause of the resonance.

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Went ahead and decided to get my exhaust done custom from a well known company in my country called Powerflow Exhaust (South Africa).

Very happy with the result and I feel like it gives the ZC33s the much needed 'teeth' to match the dual exhausts appearance.

I think (not entirely sure I understand it) there is exhaust drone, but it seems to disappear if my foot remains lightly on the throttle.

Regardless, here's a clip of a start with some revv's πŸ™‚

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Sounds and looks great mate πŸ‘

Same design as the CTC one I have...straight through centre section and a can on each branch?...

Yeah went for a similar design to the CTC. Did see a few designs such as the HKS which allow for equal length for each branch on the end but it was a bit more complex