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Considering ZC32S

Anyone got any thoughts on service intervals. ZC32s I know is 9k miles between.

Considering buying a one owner 2015 car with 5 services but last gap was 31k miles to 42k miles. So 11k gap!

I've seen it noted that engine issues down the line are from poor service records.

It seems every car I look at has some minor points of note.

To be honest, I don't really take much notice of service Intervals on a used car. Especially after the manufacturers warranty has expired. So long as you've got regular stamps In the service book, that's what's Important. When I bought my ZC32 about a year and half ago my car had been serviced each time by a main dealer. But I personally refuse to pay £80+ per hour labour charges. So I buy the parts myself and take the car to my local village garage. About £27 per hour labour charge. I've been driving for over 40 years and In my opinion, so long as a car has regular oil and filter changes everything should be fine. Things like plugs, pollen filters and other parts can be changed whenever. Just my humble opinion of course.

Hi Lee,

Are you still looking?