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Cracking noise during normal acceleration.

Hey fellow swift owners hope everything is well, i have noticed my 2015 swift crackles when driving, I'm pretty sure it's coming from a heat shield but just wanted to be sure, and also the engine does have quite a tick on cold start but goes once warmed up. Anyone have similar issues?

Not sure about the cracking noise ! But mine ticks on cold start & just assume its the hydraulic tappets settling in !!

No hydrialic tappets on the Swift Sport....just good old-fashioned shims.
The Swift Sport can be a bit tappety when cold but if it goes once up to temperature, its all ok.
Just everything swelling into tolerance due to heat.

There is a bit of noise 2 to 3k rpm which is more evident on a light throttle. I've heard the same from more than one car suggesting it is entirely normal.

The tappets should be at their running clearance, so could be cam chain noise or perhaps the VVT mechanism.