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Crazy high MPG ?


Hi all.

I’ve had my Zc32s for about 6 months now and loving the car (just wish it had a bit more straight line power)

I am just asking for everyone’s average MPG.

I am averaging 49.5 MPG over the 6 months. And I’m not exactly driving it like an old lady either.

Is anyone else’s sport averaging near this figure or have I just got lucky ??

I personally don't average those kind of figures but if you're reading that from the trip computer then I'm afraid you're being mislead, they simply aren't accurate in a meaningful way ! The only way to get a true figure is to fill up and work it out tank for tank, if you're already doing this and are actually achieving a figure of 49.5 mpg I tip my hat to you sir !

Hi Max.

And to answer your question, I would say that my 65 plate Sport that I purchased a few months ago does on average about 44 mpg. This figure though Is not definite and sometimes I get less. But because I don't do much motorway driving anymore I am quite happy with that 😊

Ahh. I see, I thought the trip computers were fairly accurate.
Are they not accurate in any car then? Or just the swift sports?

I think I average about 41 mpg, which I’m happy with!

I average exactly 40mpg. I live in a rural area and work shifts so 99% of my mileage is pretty empty A roads. Your 49.5 may well be realistic if that was a fairly gentle journey. As Uruk says, the way to properly assess mpg is to brim the tank then record your mileage until the next tankful.

Its absolutely spot on in my ZC33S, I spent the first few months testing it out because of my dumb OCD ass 😆

And just to add, I personally believe that not filling up with supermarket filth on a regular basis also adds a few miles to a cars mpg 🙂

I used TM99 in my 32S from new... and the 33S from new. I do a mixture of pottering about, and full throttle action. My 32S used to average about 40 MPG when used in this way for a long period.

My 33S shocked me the other day though. I hadn't reset the fuel computer since new - and it was showing about 43 MPG.

In early August, I took the car to Somerset and reset the fuel computer before the journey. For the time I was away, it was getting an average of about 52 MPG. But since I got back, I've been hoofing it practically everywhere I go - it's too much fun not to! LOL

Anyway, checked the MPG yesterday and it was 47.4 MPG. Which was higher than I expected. I really expected to see it back around 43 MPG again. I'm not going to reset it for a good few thousand miles more to see where it ends up.

I like to use all of the performance of the engine on offer. But religiously warm her up to at least 80 degrees oil temperature before letting loose. Generally don't get much over 2,000 RPM in this period too. I also let the engine run at idle for 30 seconds to a minute to cool off a bit. As added protection, I've been changing the oil every 3,500 miles so far.

I'm not tuning the engine at all either. I consider the car more than fast enough to make good progress. I'm more interested in handling than outright engine performance. I don't need more HP to corner hard.

I have considered the idea of going to something like a Rent4Ring set up (suspension, wheels, tyres, etc.). But the only problem with that, is that it might destroy the low speed fun of the car. Part of the appeal of the Sport is the fact you can get the chassis to 'dance' at low to middling speeds. If I make the chassis too good, with too much grip... it might move the handling envelope of the car too high for the public road... and that might mean it is less fun... tremendous grip - yes. But at the expense of fun.

A little off topic but aimed at Daz.

I watched a very entertaining youtube video from John Cadogan where he highlights that you or I wouldn't be far off the pace lawnmower racing with an F1 driver.

Try a rematch in a milk float and we would lose.

Try again in a family car and we would lose by a greater percentage.

Try again in a hot hatch and we would lose by a greater percentage.

I think that's why I love my 32S, I am a good driver but not a great driver. I can enjoy my 32S without too much risk to myself or more importantly other road users.

On a track I could safely push my limits in the 32S.

I know what you guys mean...I was explaining this to my mate after driving his 600bhp M5 when I had my Accord Type-R at the time. I had much more fun driving my meagre 220bhp VTEC 4 banger than his beast, because with the Accord you were wringing its neck and driving it on the edge 'safely' around 60mph on B roads, where as in his M5 you were no where NEAR what this thing was capable of on public, if you tried to give it some welly you were right on the anchors again because you were guaranteed to be through a wall and into a field in a split second 😮