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CTC Performance Swift Sport Hybrid


So as you all know we had to buy a Swift Sport Hybrid to continue development as the K14D engine is very different to the K14C. It has a few nasty bits but the world is moving to lower CO2 so we have to roll with the changes. It has a EGR, Particulate Filter, Dual VVT, EGR cooler and of course the Electric Motor. Visually the only change is rear parking sensors and on the computer you can see when the battery is charging and when it’s feeding power to the engine. We also opted for the black roof and mirrors. On the face of it I think suzuki have under estimated the figures. I believe what they have done is taken the 0-60 times and power without any electrical assistance so in reality it has more power than the manufacturers figure of 129hp and 0-60 is quicker by minimum 1+ seconds than what has been suggested. My first impressions, it feels like business as usual. Plenty of torque, revs a little higher than before but power delivery feels similar. Weight is barely noticeable, dampening has been changed a little presumably due to the increase in weight but the brakes are extremely sharp presumably due to the regenerative braking and when you let off the throttle the car slows quicker than before due to the battery charging on the over run. Overall I’m not disappointed it’s pretty much like driving the old one.

So we put the car on the dyno, it makes 129.5hp but 10ft lb more torque with just the engine however we can’t yet test with electrical motor assistance as the system shuts down on the dyno as the engine check light comes on when back wheels are not turning. We are working on this problem and hope to offer tuning very soon. That said with the motor it will then make 142-143hp and 240ft lb so around 45-47ft lb more than the non hybrid.

Next we have looked at panel filters as the intake is different to the outgoing model, exhaust is very very quiet with the particulate at only 86db with no exhaust from the Downpipe back! We have taken opportunity to redevelop our exhaust system to tune the sound and remove the highway drone some reported on our previous system. It will be offered with blue, silver or black tips all with CTC logo.

Next up we will work on tuning, Intercooler and intake. More to come as we have some BC Coilovers to fit as well as our BuddyClub wheels in the coming weeks.

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Phil Swift-SportManicMechanic

Thanks for the update guys 👍

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CTC Performance

Interesting stuff Chris.

How 'run in' is the car? Was it tested with regular unleaded in the tank - or super? (TM99?)

Interesting on how the electric motor is disabled on a chassis dyno. The engine could be delivery more power than you've got as well. If electric motor is disabled - potentially it is creating drag on the engine as well. Parasitic loss.

It would be good to test with the electric motor completely disconnected from the engine - if that is possible.

But yes, agreed. A dyno test needs to be done with the electric motor assist properly working as well.


Any graph of output to post?

So we went back to the dyno with our cat back exhaust installed. We gained 2.7hp very similar result to the non hybrid. We then fitted our intercooler and had some interesting but not surprising results. We gained a massive 26.5ft lb in torque but lost 1hp however before everyone says that’s bad here is why... it made peak power 1,560rpm earlier than before. Basically the ECU is seeing the huge uplift in torque and it’s clipping some of the many torque limits in the ECU. The ECU is then pulling boost down to keep torque under control resulting in a lower power but in reality with these limits raised it would have seen a very nice power gain to match those torque figures. We then went on to attempt to access the ECU however suzuki must have changed the security algorithms so the ECU has to be sent away to break the code to get us in.

We are also working on a new multi gauge that happens to measure performance so I thought why not twat some 0-60 times and the result was 6.87’s not bad for a “Slow Heavy Hybrid” right 😉

Current torque stands at 348Nm with the electrical assistance. That’s 92Nm more than the stock non hybrid!

Next we are working on our OPF removal to go with our new 57mm link pipe that will fit with factory down pipe and then the adaptor can be removed to fit with our link pipe without restriction like our competitors...

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Phil Swift-SportManicMechanic

From memory the hybrid system provides 3bhp and 50NM on top of the non hybrid outputs so it looks like the gain is about 40NM torque??

The electric motor gives it 13hp and 53Nm.

The gain from the exhaust and Intercooler looks like it made 44.8ft lb but the stock car makes more than suzuki states at 191.3ft lb so gain was 26.5ft lb as mentioned although we will gladly take thanks for 44.8 😉

With the motor it’s up at 256.8 ft lb so not bad!

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Blimey, with all that torque it must feel pretty punchy when it comes to in-gear acceleration.

So, stock for stock... in your opinion Chris - which is the quicker car? K14C or K14D?


Nothing in it between the two.

Been busy designing parts for the hybrid. Intake kit is at 3D print stage so should be manufactured early 2021. Very different to the K14C most things are different on this car much to our annoyance...

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Phil Swift-SportManicMechanic

Fitted the BC V1 Coilovers and Buddyclub wheels. New ECU to put in for now until we can get into the OEM ECU to tune. BOV spacer test fitted just need to get the ECU programmed so we can test. Sports cats on order to make down pipe...

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Phil Swift-SportManicMechanic