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CTC Performance ZC31S Demo Car

For those who have been with us for many years you will know we bought a 2010 Swift Sport in 2011, she was 12 months old but in a bad way having been in a front and rear end accident. We bought her with big plans. We focused on handling adding lots of braces, cage, brake upgrades and repaired the damage finishing her in a controversial Kawasaki Green (yes it’s actually Kawasaki paint..) then we went racing in 2012 in the Nippon Challenge. Had some success but mostly frustration. While we could qualify with cars with 300hp in the race it was nearly impossible. We lost 5-10 places off the start to rear or 4x4 cars, they then hold you back in the corners where the Swift shines and then pull away on the straights. To fix this we decided we neeed less weight, more power (200+hp), a differential and shorter ratio gearbox. We have spent many thousand pounds trying to build a M20A 1974cc engine however after 3 engine builds we realised the coolant and oil mixing was a result of the plonkers who fitted the liners not fitting them correctly so they leak once up to Temp. Now being non the wiser if the 3 different gaskets we tried work or not we have opted for 1900cc so got new pistons made and a whole new block and liners. It will be finished in 2019 for sure we have been a little distracted with the ZC33S development but this thing will be on track this year so watch this space. I’m not going to post the full build but here are a couple of pics to start.

This is the full spec:

M19A 85mm bore
JE Forged Pistons our spec 13:1 Comp
K1 Forged Rods
Lightened and balanced crank
ARP Bolts
Ferrea 33mm in 28mm ex Valves
CatCams Custom Spec 13.5mm Lift
Bronze Valve Guides
Solid Lifters
Dual Valve Springs
King Race Bearings
Cometic MLS Gasket
Ported Head
Light weight Crank, Alternator and water pump pulley
Hardrace Engine Mounts
Titan Motorsport ITB’s with Carbon Ram Pipe’s
CTC Standlaone Engine Management
Walbro In Tank Pump Kit
360cc Injectors
Alloy Radiator with Blitz High Pressure Rad Cap
Mishimoto Oil Cooler Kit with Oil Pressure and Temp Gauges
CTC 4-1 Manifold, Link Pipe and Cat Back System

Drive Train:

MTX Clutch
MTX 3.6KG Flywheel
Mfactory 4.769 Final Drive
Mfactory Helical LSD
CTC Short Shift


PPCages Rollcage
Ultra Racing Room Brace
Ultra Racing Rear Upper Brace
Ultra Racing Fender Braces
Ultra Racing Rear Lower Brace
Ultra Racing Fron ARB
Hard Race Rear ARB
Super Pro Adjustable Drop Links
Super Pro Bushes all Round
Reinforced Lower Arms
Hardrace RCA’s
CTC Rear Camber Shims
CTC 3 way Coilovers with external Res


CTC 286mm 4POT Brake Kit
Hel Braided Lines
Millers 300+ Fluid
CTC Brake Cooling Plates
Carbotech XP8 Pads


SLR Carbon Front Splitter
SLR Carbon Canards x 4
SLR Carbon Skirts
SLR Carbon Rear wing
SLR mirrors
Lotus Exige Rear Diffuser
Siebon Carbon Bonnet
Lexan (plastic) Windows

Then we also have the usual race car bits cut off, extinguisher, rain lights etc etc

Don’t try and work out costs it’s cost way to much...

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Phil Swift-Sportzc32sItalyThomas PearceAndy

I really do hope its out this year!

This is the car that made me choose a Swift for sprints.


Any pictures of the rear of the car?

This is my favorite one of the rear in its later guise.

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Lewis CharltonCTC Performancezc32sItalyThomas PearceJim Clark

So we have some news on the Green Machine... so from the first pic you can see just how long she has sat! Look at that dust!! First up we had to remove the M16A engine

We then fitted some new pads to our BBK as we had removed to send to SonicRacingUK.

Next up we cut a massive hole over the fuel tank, we have done this so we can install a removable plate so we can access the fuel pump without dropping the tank.

Then comes the interesting updates, the building of the M19A!

Just need to clean up the gearbox, fit a bulkhead fitting for my race heater, do some wiring, sort passenger seat mount, cut plate for over fuel tank and install the engine. Engine will go in tomorrow all being well....

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Jim Clark

Thats a work of art mate, hats off to you 🤩

She is running by the way. Shifter on order then mapping.

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Jim Clark

Awesome, and that shifter looking sexy! Did you design that yourself?

Nope but we are selling them for 31S and working with the manufacturer to design one for the 32/33S

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I really like the shifter. If i didn't have a cae shifter would definitely bought one.

I'm looking forward to the pictures of it mounted to the car.