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CTC Performance ZC33S Demo Car

So being a Swift Specialist it was inevitable that we would order a 2018 Swift Sport.. We technically had our order in for over a year so a little disappointed to only get the car on 1st July but we did borrow one from Suzuki for a while before ours arrived. Colour was a tough choice, my heart wanted to love Yellow but as it was non metallic/pearl I ordered Speedy Blue.

Here she is being delivered...

I can say I seriously enjoyed the drive home! It's a totally different car to drive from the last two models and having owned all 3 I can say some things were worse but more was better! My opinion of the standard car, there is too much body roll and the suspension is too soft. The worst thing the steering tries to self centre far too much. Other than that it was business as usual but with instant power and torque. Here she is joining the other ZC33S we borrowed from Suzuki...

First job was to swap out the wheels, while I do like the OEM wheels we wanted to start out with better fitment and wider rubber to cope with the power mods we had planned.. We settled on BuddyClub F91 Kuroki's in Black Bronze 17 inch and while they are 1 inch wider they weigh 2.1kg per wheel less than the factory rims at only 6.9kg per wheel.

We had seen rumour's that the sport makes more power than the claimed 140PS and so the first thing we did once we had covered a few hundred miles was pop her on the dyne to see what power she makes to get a base point for our work. She did indeed make 155PS!

Just to show the difference here is the dyno plot if a bone stock ZC33S vs ZC32S and as you can see the torque and power difference is pretty noticeable!You will see however the ZC33S does not rev but then there is really no need and we noticed inlet temps reaching over 76°C something we would need to look at....

Next up we needed to get some decals installed, we have these on offer if anyone wants some JDM style Decals with the CTC logo replacing the Sport Logo as we did not want the car to look too wild.. You might note the stock wheels were back on, we needed to sort some new TPS as the dash was lit up like a Christmas tree with the other wheels.. we got to this later..

Next up we needed to sort that arch gap, with lots of brands on offer we wanted something that is ok budget wise but gives full adjustability while retaining some comfort on the road but be capable on track seen as we plan to track her from time to time.. We settled on BC Racing V1's coming in at £769 but allowing all the adjustment we could ever need. We have opted for a fairly conservative drop as we want this thing to handle well on UK roads which are not always the best especially down in Somerset the home of CTC...

To be fair this transformed the car, removed body roll, removed the self centring problem but still soft enough for UK roads on the softest setting with lots of adjustment left for the track. The self entering problems I believe are down to the factory Geometry.

While we are developing our intake kit, we thought we needed something under the engine bay so we added a Blitz Rad Cap, oil cap is still plastic for now as we will be offering a CTC Oil Cap in 2019...

It was now time to look at tuning, there are so many maps on this ecu to change unlike the previous generation it took much longer than we anticipated however we have extracted a healthy 170 PS (167.7bhp) from just a map. The biggest gain was the torque as you can see.

Happy with this we then moved on to our exhaust system, this we offer with and without silencer in the centre pipe. For me its a little loud without but then I am old hahaha so for us the system has a Silencer in the centre pipe. We also offer with OEM style of Burnt Blue Tips. The system saves around 3kg over the factory system and gives the car some much needed noise. Un like customer exhausts the system is fully mandrel bent meaning no restriction to flow. After testing with Silencer it made 177PS and 178PS without the centre silencer.

Next we needed to look at these intake temps. The issue is our competitors over in Japan don't have the Cruise Control sensor to contend with, because of this the JDM coolers won't fit European Cars. We looked and space was limited, above the air con condenser sits and the factory cooler runs all the way to the edge as wide as a cooler could go and used a 50mm thick core. We decided it had to be efficiency over size to bring down temps. Our core uses a high quality tube and fin design with some magic happening over in the end tanks to allow very efficient flow through the cooler meaning our core was actually narrower although one row taller than the factory part. We avoided the temptation to thicken up to compensate as the thicker the core the more drag is created meaning it becomes much less efficient! Our core is actually smaller however consistently in testing we have managed to drop inlet temps by 26.5°C while increasing power with no mapping. You can also see that unlike our competitors who will remain nameless who's cooler is over double the size of ours, we don't get any power loss low down like they do as the turbo struggles to fill the huge intercooler and its clearly not as efficient as they make less power and don't cool the air as much. As I say design and efficiency is the most important factor.

This is the prototype, production coolers will be a little more polished shall we say with regards to the fittings etc..

We then installed the cat back exhaust again only to find we were still making 177PS. We have hit a restriction stopping the engine making any more power. The down pipe is only 42mm diameter so this is holding us back. We have a decat and sport cat down pipe and link pipe in development, once this and the intake is installed we can test our turbo upgrade...

Finally we have had both Parkers and Auto Express road test our car. Parkers did an Online Review ( )
and AutoExpress will put a review in the January 9/10th issue 2019! Keep your eyes peeled.

Thanks for reading more to follow in 2019!!

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matthew gurneyCTC PerformanceSteven RobertsSam Annuar

Hello again Chris lol

Good little read that 👍

Looking forward to getting some serious kit from you in the near future. Was really interested when you posted about some aero parts that may be in the pipeline soon...I really fancy the WR wing from Suzuki Works Karume but at 1300 quid including postage etc. it seems a bit mental to spunk that kinda cash on a spoiler 🤣

Anyway, congrats on the rate of progress you guys are making, and keep it up 🤘😆🤘

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CTC Performance

Well been a very busy few weeks but we have some more updates.

We have been working on the Down Pipe with and Without Sports Catalyst. The factory heat shields fit the new parts and we have increased the bore from 42mm to 57mm removing the pesky restriction. This is the first prototype and the finished product will be slightly different to the one pictured.

We promptly took her over to the dyno, at present the intercooler has now been removed so that we can tool up to manufacture so purely a turbo back CTC Performance System with Sports Cat and Mapping resulted in 187PS & 300NM proving the down pipe certainly was the restriction. Once the intake and intercooler production is sorted we will go back to get a final figure on the Stock turbo which we are expecting around 190-195PS all being well!

Talking of intakes we have finalised the design of the basic intake, carbon and GRP air boxes for this kit will follow soon however we are pleased with the overall look of the kit and initial testing while limited as the MAF flange is only 3D printed at this point showed a power gain. Contrary to what people usually think heat is far less important on a turbo intake than a NA intake, remember its going to pass through a turbo at several hundred degrees! I see lots of kits coming with long intake paths to get the filter into the corner near the battery. Firstly there is no more air flow here than there is over the engine, secondly its not as hot up there as you might think, the air box was around 25deg on the dyno and finally the longer the air path and the more bends etc the more restriction there is essentially meaning our tiny turbo is trying to drag the air through resulting in a slower spool time. Imagine trying to pull a brush through a pipe that's short and straight. Much easier than pulling it though a much longer bent tube.

So here is the first budget option, silicone will come in black, red and blue. Maf housing will be anodised alloy in black only. Filter used is a high quality genuine Apexi filter with a retail of over £90 on its own but you can't put a price on filtration!

We will also offer just the silicone although 45mm shorter. While we have not dyno tested this setup it certainly gives a better response than the factory parts. Phil tested a Jap import version as ours was not ready and he reports the same! Good thing is that was £120 ours will be £59.99 so 1/2 price!

Finally if you have not already seen it please grab a copy of this weeks Autoexpress Magazine Issue No. 1,559 and flip to page 52 where you will find an awesome review of our car when it was 175BHP! They have some good things to say and it really is worth contacting Newmans in Southampton as they have a demo car making same power and same suspension as ours!

Few Sneak Peaks although I can't publish the full feature for obvious reasons...

We continue on towards 210+PS....

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Phil Swift-SportCTC PerformanceAndy

When will you be taking orders for the silicone intake hoses Chris?

They will be ready from production in 45 days then we need to sort packaging I will try to sort packing before they arrive. MOQ on these sort of things are high so stock won’t be an issue 😉

Nice one...I'll get one ordered up as soon as they're available 👍

So today we fitted the finished design of our down pipe which has one less bend and some nice wide cones off the cat. I also fitted the resonated straight through and it’s safe to say it feels more powerful than the 187PS it made recently. It pops a lot more too with much less restriction at the front end. Dyno booked week after next with this setup, intake and intercooler. Should see 190-195PS who knows might even hit 200PS... then the following week the turbo is going on and we are done for power for now. Next up LSD production started and we will start on baffled sump, rear camber shims and lots of braces...

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Phil Swift-SportMoyz

How did the resonator effect the sound Chris?...or could you not notice with all the extra power blasting through? 🤘🤣🤘

Hard to say to be fair the down pipe and link pipe make it louder. I would say it takes some of the drone away but still dam loud. I'm going to make a much larger resonator and see what that does... constantly trying to improve things... Spoke to TUV again today... going to cost us £7,000 easily to get EC approvals so I don't think we will bother certainly not for the next 12 months got too much outgoing at the moment with all the different parts we are developing... Excited about the CTC LSD's!! Should be epic!

Hats off to you mate, you're really putting the work in to this little beast.

I really cant wait till I can go crazy with mine...I keep telling guys I work with about my final vision for mine. They all say "why not just buy an S3 or M140i" and I reply with "you cant put a price on that look someone gives you as you go flying past them in a car that costs half the price as theirs" 🤣