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CTC Performance ZC33S Demo Car

Ooh yeah!! 🤘😆🤘

Chris what a clean well engineerd car you have created. Do you ever travel with parts to the Caribbean? We need a fellow like you here for a week.

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Time for a update... so we fitted the unsilenced centre to our car to see what it’s like to live with and although on a open road at full chat it’s epic round town and on motorways it’s too much for me so we decided to get the car up on the ramps and test a nice resonator so still straight through. This has done the job, still a notable noise improvement over standard but the drone has all but gone.

<img src="

While on the ramps we measured up for CTC chassis bracing the next product in our lineup. One thing we have noted on the dyno is just how much the engine rocks backwards under load so we will be making a CTC rear engine mount to reduce movement.

We have finally had the MAF Flanges Anodised so we got that fitted to our demo car so that it’s now as it will be supplied. Air box moulds are also being made as we speak.

With that out of the way it was now time o install the turbo! Something we have been excited about for a while now!

With the turbo off it was a good time to carry out a service with some lovely Millers Oils and a HKS Filter.

With the turbo on it was immediately apparent the car now had more go! Back to the dyno more to check AFR etc as we don’t have much time at the moment but we wanted it to be safe to drive until we could focus on mapping. What she made blew us away but scared the hell out of me! It made less power than we would like at 195PS however it made 305.8ft on torque that’s 415NM!! While the AFR was good we had just enough time to wind down the boost low down and bring that torque to a more sensible 270ft lb. More tuning to see if we can pull power up will happen in the next couple of weeks.

I can’t see the driveshafts or gearbox coping long term with those torque figures and surprisingly the clutch held out but again can’t see it doing many road miles although our clutch kit is ready to go once put LSD’s are ready.

Talking of LSD’s, design work is now complete expect production to complete end of May.

And finally a picture of the Green Machine and ZC33S together... that’s a indication of a Green Machine Update coming soon....

That’s it for now more to follow in a week or two 🙂 will do some 0-60 runs soon should see 5.9’s or less we hope !

Great progress Chris 🤘

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CTC Performance

So we have made a little more progress, still a little to do with timing and we need better spark plugs but she made more than we were expecting!

223bhp / 226PS @ 6,061rpm
265ftlb / 360Nm @ 3,856rpm

New Clutch and LSD to be installed next then we can look at some chassis braces.


Jesus...thats M2 performance right there 🤣

How do you think the gearbox will hold up?...I know for that power an uprated clutch will be a must. Just hope everything else will hold together! 😮

...oh, and please get a new 0-60 video done, I'm sure that will be interesting to watch 🤘😈🤘

Great work dude, you guys are really world leaders in this department 👍

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CTC Performance

I'd love to have a drive of that beast that's for sure. Well done guys 🙂

Gearbox will be ok as long as you're not silly with it. Let it heat up and don't do repeated launch starts all the time. I trust Suzuki have over engineered things as always. We are still on the OEM clutch for instance. I think on track the OEM clutch might struggle although we will find out soon... 0-60 will try again next week, from standing start plugs are not coping with the cylinder pressures so I now have some NGK Iridium and Platinum Grade 8 Plugs to try and if they fail then we will try NGK motorsport plugs. Hope 5.8/5.9 is possible remembering this thing now has the same power to weight as a 2018 Type R Civic and strangely the M2 you reference has the same BHP/Tonne just a pity front drive will stop it doing faster 0-60 times. I still think its going to catch a few people out who think its got 138bhp....

...I'll just race my mate in his M2 whilst in reverse 🤣

So we were having a few issues the car would randomly hit a rev limiter at 5,500 rpm we thought the plugs were struggling and while the colder plugs work better it still did not solve the issue. After yet another day on the dyno and road testing with data logger we figured out we were just clipping a torque limit under certain load conditions and hey presto its fixed and life is grand! Maybe now I can do a 0-60 well once the new tyres are installed.

So We also had some new CTC Goodies arrive.. Intercooler Silicone hose kit now installed.





While we were on the dyno, we thought we would log some intake temps as we keep hearing "bigger is better" "size matters" "largest on the market" from our competitors when it comes to their intercooler even seeing posts telling people their product is larger so gives better performance gains a statement that is based on zero facts I might add.. So with pull after pull after pull on the dyno we were seeing some pretty high intake temps as much as 38°C @ 6,000rpm but what was absolutely astonishing was the fact that the air entering the throttle body was a whole 18°C cooler after passing through the Hot turbo! Yes that's right the air entering the engine at the throttle body were only 20°C! Don't forget we are running 1.5bar boost vs the stock car running 0.8bar boost at this rpm. What you get here with our smaller extremely efficient intercooler is more power to weight as this car is all about weight!


The next day we had some track time booked at Castle Combe Circuit as we wanted to see how the car behaves on track before installing more parts. We threw on some near 10 year old A048R tyres so well past their best, a wheel weight fell off on route so we had lots of vibration and not wanting to risk damaging the car we intended to use this to learn rather than go as fast as we could. I can say we need to improve braking, while on the road its great on track we reached and exceeded the stock pads and fluids limits. Things got a little soggy with no peddle feel and I had no confidence in the brakes. We will sort this out with better pads, fluid and lines. Next up the hazard warning lights coming on every time you brake! Very annoying!

Little bit of understeer, something some damper adjustment could potentially fix, a rear ARB and for sure our LSD and better tyres! We were very very frustrated on track, we caught up a EG Civic fitted with K20 240hp setup and he must have ignored the briefing telling everyone you must move over if a car catches you and let them pass on the right hand side. He wanted to hog the white line meaning not easy to get past but you see me pull away once past. Will be great to get it back out on track again once the LSD is installed...






And here is a video of the session,

Finally our LSD has landed so will install this at the weekend all being well along with the new wheels and tyres, Brake lines and pads...