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CTC Performance ZC33S Demo Car

Being as the HKS and Greddy Oil Cooler kits are crazy money we are now working on a CTC Oil Cooler Kit. Watch this space 🙂

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Fine, any idea of price?
Remove this ugly klaxon, lol !

It will be a thermostatic unit so only working when oil temps are high, not 100% fixed on price yet as we still have to work out bracket costs etc.. but we are thinking retail will be around £300-350 HKS is £680 and Greddy is £640.

Not a huge update but put one of our oil filler caps on and a Hardrace rear ARB. Hybrid is also on order just waiting for Suzuki to open so I can collect it!

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Phil Swift-Sport

Lots of different things on the new Hybrid, but ecu is same, do you think he can give 140 cv easily with remmap?

I’m sure with a remap we can see 155-160hp but after that the particulate filter will have to go

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Phil Swift-Sport

Hows the ARB Chris?...much a difference?

Any more updates Chris??

ARB is pretty good to be fair. No more updates but will be some significant changes later this year. We have a piston and rod on route to a manufacturer to get some forged bits made 😉

New suspension and cage also on the horizon...

Hybrid will arrive in 3-5 weeks annoyingly mainland Europe has their cars but same happened with the 33S we will just have to work quickly.

With the Hybrid eminent we decided we need to take our demo car to the next level.... First up we have upgraded our suspension with some new Coilovers with the rear springs integrated into the dampers at the rear rather than separate springs. We have also decided to run some higher spring rates than the coilovers they replace as we will focus more on fast road and track with this next setup as the Hybrid will become the main road car.

The eagle eyed will notice the front top mounts are now pillow ball from Beatrush which we will now be stocking and selling going forwards. And as we have their top mounts would be rude not to fit their front upper brace...

Work has started on reducing weight from our exhaust system which is going through a redesign along with a couple of other bits and we accidentally purchased a K14C....

So here is the plan... low comp forged block, new inlet manifold with large throttle body and second row of injectors in the plenum. Standalone Engine Management full plug and play including fully functioning Canbus. Then comes the turbo.. still undecided if we will increase engine CC but we will be fitting a fairly large turbo as we aim for 350bhp+ Exciting times ahead and all this while redeveloping everything for the Hybrid seen as many of the parts from the K14C won't fit...

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