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DAB Shorted

Just wondered if anyone has had a DAB Shorted message come up on their Swift touch screen and if so how to fix it?

I could live with it but the error message essentially locks the screen so you have to OK it and then change the analogue station or whatever else you want on the entertainment before the message comes back and locks it again.


Hi Dimitri.

Are you talking about the Standard Garmin unit that Is fitted to the ZC32?If you are, have you tried updating the unit? The standard unit Is well known to have a few glitches and to be a bit out dated. Since updating my Garmin unit, I havn't had any problems. Where as before the update the unit sometimes cut out and rebooted Itself while the sat nav was being used.

If you havn't updated the Garmin unit and would like to try here Is a guide on how to do so :

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Thanks for that. Had that problem before and did the update which fixed that issue.

My current problem seems to be a DAB radio problem as everything else works fine on the unit.

Can't say that I've had that DAB problem with my unit yet so can't really advise. But I'm sure that somebody will be along soon who can.

Also, have you tried asking for advice on the Suzuki Swift Sport Facebook page. You could get an answer on there 🤔