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Drive shaft

Is the drive shaft from a 1.2 the same as 32? Or is there a bit of difference.


To answer my own question no. I thought it was a long shot but after checking product codes its a definete no.

If anyone wants to know,
Part no: 44102H70L00 zc32 RH driveshaft

Now looking for 1 or a cv kit if anyone knows best place?

Mind me asking what happened to the original DS?

I had a bit of rage when i found out my car had been hit at work and kind of sent it too hard over a ramp 😅 im a dick I know.

Theres nothing wrong with the driveshaft it self but if I can find a driveshaft 2nd hand (I know its risky) just as cheap as a cv joint ill do it that way.

Haven't been able to find a cv joint either so im kinda edging towards a breaker yard.

Pleased to hear it wasn't a failure of the DS.

I've been the victim of car park damage myself. Very difficult to get over when the car was a mint, uncrashed example beforehand.

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Liam Gray

I just binned my spare ffs 🙁

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Liam Gray

Ah well 😂