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What's the best way to get wires though the fire wall on a swift sport

I couldn't find a sensible way of feeding a wire through either! I ended up powering my drl's from the main fuse box under the bonnet, it was all togather easier.

What one did you wire into so the lights came in with the ignition?

Off the top of my head - I don't remember!

TBH it doesn't really matter,use a multimeter or a basic test-lamp screwdriver to find a fuse that is 'ignition live' rather than 'permenant live' and piggy back off that.

I found that physical space to get an extra wire in was more of an issue than which fuse to use.

Are you using one of the after market kits? If so the extra load on whichever fuse you choose is pretty negligable, it is just acting as a trigger for the main power supply to the drl's.

Next time it is light and not about -5 I'll upload a photo for you.

I've not bought any DRLs yet I'll need to go out and go through all the fuses tomorrow. Thanks

I have these Osram ones. They are oem quality, the drls are very bright and a very close colour match to the headlights.

Here's how the wiring crams into the fuse box. The predominant red wire is the main power supply from a spare pin. The skinny blue wire to the multiblock is an ignition live to turn the drl's on. I unbolted the side bar brace in order to lift the fuse box up far enough to drill a small hole in the back of it for the wires. There is enough space in the fuse box to include the inline fuse that came with the kit.

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