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Anyone noticed a huge drop in range/mpg?

I had done 16k with the car since bought and the indicated range was always 350 miles when full.
I recently changed the battery, which reset my avg, so I ignored the "wrong" range/mpg, which started around 250 miles. It was gradually recovering...
I went through a tank of petrol since, after filling up last night I noticed that the range never recovered.
Stuck around 310 miles.

Car was just serviced by Suzuki and it has done 53k.
Is E10 that bad for the ZS32?

E10 is less fuel efficient depending on which report you read. The highest increase I have read is 5%. Yours is more like 10%.

What is needed is an independent series of tests on different vehicles to measure the consumption. This is important because it was introduced to reduce CO2 emissions. If the ethanol has less emissions but you need more of the petrol to compensate then E10 may achieve nothing or make things worse.

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S Illes

yeah agreed, not only costs more, but more damage to the environment. only winner is the gov. who gets more tax.

this article just popped up in my feed:

Everywhere that I've read states that E10 fuel gives the motorist less miles per gallon than the previous E5. But as usual the general public doesn't have a say In the matter anyway 🤬

BP premium (98 RON) consistently gives us 350 miles and we aren't too conservative.