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Engine Oil


Which engine oil to use for Sport Zc32?

Lewis Charlton has reacted to this post.
Lewis Charlton

The recommended grade oil is 0w-20, but many people also run 5w-30 with no issues ☺

Have been using this oil from new. It is the 'recommended' spec:

Shaun leavesley and Cloughy have reacted to this post.
Shaun leavesleyCloughy

Mobil 1 5w30

Mobil 1 5w-30 here too, it’s very good oil.

Other brands are equally good too it’s just your preference.

I always used Motul stuff, seemed to do the trick 👍

Agree with Moyz - I have been using Motul 300V 0W-20 and it's fantastic stuff.

Have a look in your owner's manual. It gives you the recommended oil grades and a temp chart to go with.

I use the same oil as mentioned a few comments up, the petronas 0w20 from Suzukishop.

Matt Chandler has reacted to this post.
Matt Chandler

Another vote for Mobil here but for 0W20 as recommended by them for the 32S:

Only trouble is it only seems to be available in 1 litre bottles so is pricey and not always enough bottles for a full change on the shelf.

Does anyone here have experience with Red Line 0W20 oil?