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Esso Synergy Supreme+ 99

Just started using Esso's rebranded performance premium fuel in my stock ZC33S.

I've been an advocate for TM99 for many years. But, having experienced less than a tankful of Esso's finest. It's TM99 no more!

As we all know, the Swift Sport have adaptive ECU's. On paper, both Tesco's and Esso's best fuel are both 99 octane. Well, my ZC33S goes much better on Esso's blend. Not just a bit better - noticeably a lot better!

The car has a completely unexpected new found urgency. The engine has an eagerness it never had before. The power delivery is different - and it even sounds stronger at the top end of the rev-range.

Interestingly, Esso's blend has NO Ethanol in the mix. So Ethanol is not helping add points to the octane. The question is - what are they using instead? Fuel companies don't tend to give exact details on their blends. Whatever it is - the car loves it... and I do too!

Seriously, in my car - the difference between TM99 and ESS+99 is very similar to the difference felt when a car has been tuned. Yet, my car is utterly stock. Only the fuel has changed.

I suspect the ECU is able to advance the ignition timing further than ever before - allowing the engine to make more power than it ever has.

She felt real strong last night out on a hoon!

Anybody else tried this fuel yet?


I thought id give it a go in a tuned an a stock car.. thought not good.. similar to vpower.. dull power low down then high up in the revs it gives you a small noticeable kick... Tesco 99 is the best I have used.. power from the off all the way to red line... Also on the pump at Esso it says 97 octane..? Unless they have made a mistake.. or I have bought the wrong fuel.. lol
s£$t i'm dumb Just looked on the esso website and it must have been synergy red unleaded that i put in.. live in the NW and i dont think
we get it till next year... damm.. always looking for better fuel will deffo be trying this when we finally get it..
I thought they had put the wrong sticker on the pump because 95 was next to it..

Just wondering whether any other ZC33S owners have tried using Esso's new brew yet?

I've been filling up on it exclusively for a while now. The car goes considerably quicker on this brew.

We know that the Japanese tested a stock ZC33S and found an extra 10 HP when using premium fuel. After using Esso's new brew - I can easily believe that my stock 33S is getting similar gains. The performance difference is very noticeable.

This fuel is considerably better than both TM99 and Shell V-Power.

It would be interesting to find out what other 33S owners opinions are on this.


Apparently in Scotland, where i am Esso synergy 99 is not the same as the "good" stuff in other places, or else i would have tried it.
Hopefully they will bring it up here soon.

I've been using it in my ZC32S (uprated cams, remapped etc). I agree with everything you say - engine seems more urgent and willing to rev cleanly right up to the limiter (7,600rpm on my vehicle)