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hello, since ive had my car i smell exhaust fumes in the interior. Only happens at full throttle days.
went to dealer for my 1st service 1500 km and they had some info about a fix.
got back my car today and no change so i contacted the dealer.
anyone heard of this issue??

yes, i remember hearing from some people in australia with this issue.
i do not remember the cause of the problem, if ever known.
its a group on facebook, " (For Suzuki Swift Owners in Australia)"

did the dealer say something about "the fix" they performed??

Sounds like a serious safety issue.

You sure its exhaust fumes?...I get a slight 'burny' smell from mine after pushing the car hard. In fact, I've had this from EVERY car I've had after/during hard driving, as the exhaust manifold (or turbo/cat convertor in our case) gets very hot.

i am sure its exhaust fumes. would think the dealer would lift car with some one in drivers seat to give some gas and check were there is a leak. Not done. 2nd opinion its coming from turbo or turb0 related.
We will have to see on my 2nd visit.
Thanks monitors.

well the dealer checked the car while on lift on found no leaks under 3000 rpm. then the manifld bolts were checked and still no cure.
email to japan they said to check ac int. filter open close. btw this does only happen under hard accelleration.
if anyone heard of a fix or other member, please drop me a note.

ruben, after a few thousand kilometers, and BEFORE the oil change, check the oil level, this might be a PCV valve issue, and the car might be burning some oil due to this, i think the guys from australia talked something about this.
also a friend with a golf gti had this issue.

thank you will mention this to my service advisor. they want to remove my dash to get to the open close flap that controls the air circulation.
i do not want them to remove my dash on my brand new car without being certain if thats the fix.
this only happens at full throttle.

my personal opinion think the exhaust tips need to be adjusted outward a bit. the fumes could be coming from the hatch.

For it to be under hard acceleration, it must be from under the bonnet. Has the exhaust side of the turbo been checked?