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thanks for reply but the 1 dealer here is closed due to virus. its the law. complete nonsense.

Quote from Ruben Seibald on April 30, 2020, 3:04 am

thanks for reply but the 1 dealer here is closed due to virus. its the law. complete nonsense.

Its the same over here. We can't even get an haircut In the UK. I'm feeling a bit like a 1960's hippy at the moment 😳

well they are open now . 1st pull out exhaust tips 1/4 out wards to see what happens. ultimately the factory wants them to pull the entire dash to see if the air-con flap opens or is closed. very worried about this procedure on my new car.

well the tips can not be pulled out a bit due to the exhaust pipe gets wider. so they did not touch.
i will not have them pull the dash out for now.
IF ANYONE KNOWS ABOUT THIS ISSUE PLEASE CONTACT ME. I am not screaming only highlighted.
You can email me at

As I understand it. The cabin air filter can be replaced by removing the glove-box lid. This is supposed to be a fairly easy process. Surely doing that might just give them enough to find out whether the flap is working or not. Maybe using a cheap stethoscope inspection camera to take a look up the ducting. You could probably do this yourself. In fact, if it was me. I'd just source one of those cheap stethoscope inspection cameras from Amazon / Ebay - and remove the glove-box lid and cabin air filter - and then take a look for myself. Even if all is found to be good. The stethoscope camera may come in handy to inspect other parts behind the dash - to see whether a rubber bung might be missing (and letting in exhaust fumes).

Worth a go I would say.

great advise dazzasport.

any update on this ruben?

pcv was replaced and no change. i am going to do what DazzaSport suggested with intake filter. Forgot all about that.