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Exhaust manifold upgrade.

I was thinking about doing a exhaust manifold upgrade on my 31s for a while now.

I would go for a 4-2-1 style manifold for a bit more mid range gains.

But my question is is it worth it over the stock manifold?

The car won't get a retune after because i can't find a company in the Netherlands that nows what they are doning with this car. A lot say they do but the then they say it will have 150 bhp with just a tune alone. That is not even possible with a full exhausts and a tune.

I'm not looking for a major power gain. But beter throttle response and some mid range torque would be nice.

I'm having a monster sport 4-2-1 (with cats) installed this week. I'll try to remember to let you know how much of a difference it makes.

I really want that one to. It is a expensive part but looks so good.

I'm curious what the difference will be compared to the stock one.