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Finally in a Suzuki Swift Sport!

Hi all,

It's been a long time coming but I am finally in a SSS. The 182 sold a few weeks back and I'd been looking at a number of cars online, all were miles away from me in North Wales. On a trip out to mid-Wales a few weeks back we drove past Gwyndaf Evans Motors who are a Suzuki dealership in Dolgellau, North Wales. Gwyndaf is the father of current WRC driver Elfyn Evans and his company has been going for some time.

Anyway I gave them a call on the off chance they'd have a MK2 Sport in and they did! It was a one owner from new local car, FSH from Gwyndaf Evans. It's a 5 door in Boost Blue, 2015 with just under 90k miles. It was for sale at £5350 but I managed to get it for £5150 in the end with a 3 month warranty. I drove an hour down to see and drive it, the dealership and salesman were excellent btw. Anyway the sale was agreed, picked it up the following week and I now have a beautiful, well looked after SSS.

It's felt like a long time coming, still getting used to the car and the power delivery. I am not going to lie, it feels slow in comparison to the Clio - the 182 has a lot more power especially down low but the Swift does like to rev, it just takes some time getting there. The steering although nice isn't as good as the Clio either, the 182 has some of the best steering feel out of any car I've owned, not overly impressed with the brakes in the Swift, the feel very poor so some better pads and tyres will be the first things I do to it once I have some money. I imagine with some better pads and discs, and some stickier tyres the little Swift will feel 100 times better but that's a long way away. I wouldn't mind a decent full system as it's very quiet but again, that will come in time.

It's a nice place to be, I love the mod cons it comes with, the seating position and steering wheel are nice. Gearbox is a bit stiff especially when cold and going into second, not sure whether a gearbox oil change might help with this? Can't seem to upload photos from the laptop as they're too large so will try from my phone, looking forward to having a good read through the forum and getting to know everyone.



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Few photos

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Looks lovely mate 😍

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Marc Thomas

Congrats on the new car Marc. 5 doors and In the best colour for the ZC32 as well. Nice one mate 👍

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Marc Thomas

Thanks very much guys, have really enjoyed driving it the last few days as I've had a few days off. It pootles around beautifully to be fair, it's the type of car you don't need to thrash to enjoy driving it.

I've had the opportunity to take it for a quick run out on one of my favourite roads and it felt good, it can be quite deceptive actually how much pace you can gather in it as it's quite slow at first. I watched a clip of a review of one on YouTube and the guy got it exactly spot on in that it's a momentum car, it needs to be at pace and you need to have it in a lower gear to make the most of its capabilities and power. I'm used to driving in a lower gear having had a fair few VTEC Honda Type R's although the Swift does rev a lot slower than a VTEC.

I definetely think it would benefit from a lighter flywheel so this is something I'd like to do in the future as I think this would increase the speed at which the car revs a lot better utilsing the engine characteristics. The handling is very supple whilst still being very good, the turn-in could be a tad sharper imo as it's a tad 'delayed' but some front camber bolts and adjustable rear camber would help with this so again I will get these done in the future. I probably won't touch the ride height as I'm happy with how it rides.

A harder pad is probably going to be the first mod along with improved tyres, will probably go for Michelin Supersport I think or PS4.