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Finally the bottom of the clutch issue!!

Hi all,

I know I’m not keeping this car anymore due to this clutch issue but the mechanic took the gear box out and found that the clutch fork has a crack in it! The mechanic said that it’s a new one for him he’s never had an issue like this before and apparently it’s not known to go wrong on these cars :/ my partner has taken on the car he’s going to fix it up and sell it on with a years MOT so hopefully would get a bit for it especially since the whole clutch system has been replaced! Picture below of the crack you can see at the bottom where 🙂

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Hi Gina.

At least you have some closure on this Issue. Now It's just a case of moving on and looking forward to your new car. Hope everything goes ok with your new purchase 👍

Glad you got to the bottom of this 👍 It really had me scratching my head 😁