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FLat spot at 4000rpms

Hi Scott,
Did you check MAF sensor?
It's common on other cars, I don't knaw with ZC33S..

I've had three lots of oil and filters in my car in 3000kms so i don't think my issue is oil related.

MAF is definitely a possibility. Just not something I have ability to test or fix. I'm just hoping Suzuki sort things next week. I just need the hesitation to be very obvious on their test drive so they actually feel it.

The MAFis usually close to the air intake filter. They can get dirty and need a clean but that is unlikely on a nearly new car. What could be worth a go is to pull of the electrical connector and reconnect.

Another free procedure which might sort it is to reboot the ecu. I don't kmow how to do it on a Swift but it is usually to disconnect the battery then press the brake pedal to drain any residual power then reconnect and drive carefully for 30 minutes. The equivalent of turn off and turn back on again. I would check the instructions for replacing the battery in the owner's manual first.

Yeah it's probably unlikely the MAF.

I like the turn it off and back on again idea though. Firm believer in that philosophy with other items. Might try that tomorrow. If it's something that simple I'll be stoked.

Otherwise may bring a smoke machine home from work and look for vacuum leaks..

Apparently, the ecu learns the best fuelling after a reboot so you never know. Every now and again my pvr misbehaves and I have to disconnect from the mains, wait for a couple of minutes and then reconnect. Works every time.

May be an idea to wait a couple of minutes before reconnecting your car battery.

Well. Car is with Suzuki now. They have involved Suzuki Australia as they don't know what is wrong. I don't understand that, there are only so many things it can be and they have all the tools and diagnostics to go through testing things.
Will see what happens and keep you posted.

Keep us posted What results are found. Best of luck bud.

Don't suppose anyome else ever figured this out? I had my car with a dealer for 4weeks. They were horrendous to deal with and did nothing. It's now with a second dealer and Suzuki Aus are involved too. I'm ready to sell it. It has been a very poor owner experience for me.

any update on this scott?
in my opinion, is an ecu/tune problem.