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fog light installation on a 2008 suzuki swift

Hi all, I have a 2008 Suzuki swift and I want to install factory fog lights and factory switch. My question is the wiring harness already on the car or do I buy an aftermarket fog light wire Harness kit?

I have pulled out the blank switch on the dash. Yes, there is a loom there, I am waiting for a fog switch to do a full circuit test. But I did test for power and ground which I have when I have the lights on(so far so good). From the switch, there is also Grey/red strip wire that should go thru the firewall to the relay box in the engine bay this is my first problem, I did a continuity test but I couldn't get a close circuit.IE: ran a wire from the switch to the relay box connecter. I also had a look where the relay should go in the box and there are no connections for the relay. Also, there is no fog light wiring under the bumper bar ( But I haven't taken the front bumper off to do a full inspection.)

As far I can see at the moment, Switch on the dash is good- all I
have to do is make my own Grey/red stripe wire from the switch to relay (socket number 86). Make up my own wiring for the fog lights and buy my own relay. Hope this makes sense,
If anyone has any ideas for the factory Grey/red wire to get it working, so I don't have to feed a wire thru the firewall.

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