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Front brake pad replacement

Hello New to the forum

I have a Jan 2012 Swift sport. It developed a squeaking from the front which I assumed was pad wear.

When I removed the caliper I found that the pads were held in place with a serrated type clip. And the pads were very firmly held in place.

I used to have an ordinary Swift previously. When the caliper was removed the pads just fell out in your hands.

Is there a special tool needed to remove the pads in the Sport model or do you just need a big screwdriver and a hammer to remove them?

Could you take a picture mate? My front pads came out easier than my rears


Sorry about the delay in getting back to you.

I attach a couple of photos. The issue is that in the videos I have seen for replacing the pads on a Swift when the caliper is removed the pads just fall out. In my case they are held in place seemingly by those two stainless clips top and bottom. I'm not sure if I have to get some pliers on them and pull the clips out or whether to get a screwdriver under the pads and lever them out. Or whether there is a better way. I don't want to bash around and break something important.

Any suggestions gratefully received

Uploaded files:
  • Suzuki-front-pads1.jpg
  • Swift-front-pads2.jpg've ridden them right down to the steel 🤣

They'll just be jammed in the carrier bracket...get a flat headed screwdriver in between the disc and pad and gently wiggle them about untill they come out. They should be free to move back and forward with the piston. Looks like they are seized into position. Make sure to grease up those sections with copper grease (no where that will foul the pad/disc though!) Also make sure the slider pins on the caliper aint seized or you'll have trouble with a caliper binding on, cooking the pad and boiling your fluid 😮

Also, make sure the new pads can easily slide back and forward in the carrier bracket...almost every single time I've fitted pads I've had to file the ends of the pads steel backing so they fit without any trouble. Make sure they slide in and out away from the disc easily by hand.

Good luck 👍

Having recently just changed discs and pads on my 2015 sport, I used Brembo pads and found that they fitted much better, new spring clips and pads and lubricated in the correct place.Although the look identical.

Thanks for that Nick.

My brake pads were made by Brakefit. They seemed to fit OK but were slightly different from the original pads in as much as they would not accept the anti squeal shims that were fitted before and also they didn't have a groove machined in them like the old ones had. However they don't squeal in use and seem to stop the car without pulling either side. I had to use a screwdriver and quite a lot of pressure to remove the old pads but all is good now. Thanks everyone for your help with this.