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Front headlight auto leveling link rod broken

I'm looking for some help with this one. I can't find any part numbers for the xenon headlight auto leveling sensor located on the rear axle. The connecting link has broken in half and therefore the car failed its inspection.

I believe it broke in half when we replaced the suspension on the car.

Does anyone know if you can replace it with a universal type adjustable ball joint linkage ( or can you buy it from Suzuki?

The dealer wanted £540 for the job which seem way too much.

2012 Swift Sport.

The photo shows an item made from 2 ball joints, a threaded bar and a few nuts. This could be made for less than £5. Just make it the same length as the original one if you still have it to copy.
The ball joints are the type fitted to the ends of gas springs that lift the tailgate. Different thread diameters are available.

Just out of interest, where exactly is this on the car ?