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Front radar ?

Hi The HKS intercooler is not compatible with the square radar built into the bumper...
Dose anyone know what exactly the radar is for and can it be removed or moved without causing
warning lights or other problems..
Thanks for any advice... Nick

The radar is there for the adaptive cruise control and the collision prevention disable it, you'll get warning lights and as far as I know, no company sells cancel gizmos for it I'm afraid.

Just get a CTC or Forge intercooler??...the HKS one will probably cost you double and perform no better 😕

Hi I have been offered the HKS at a great price.... or i would go for the ctc as it looks quality...
I thought the radar in the bumper was for cruse control and i never use that.. If anyone knows what it dose please
let me know thanks... I will just remove it or move it..

Ok thanks for the info what a shame.. looks like its ctc then...
Unless it can be moved? Nick